Kukhanya has made a mark in the construction industry through the construction of good quality roads and associated works which form a majority of its civil operation. We have invested in high tech equipment which has enabled us to provide the best quality roads to suit the client’s specifications for either commercial or residential purposes. Amongst the equipment is a top of the range Recycler currently used in our projects, which reduces the scope of works by over 50% and is environmentally friendly as it allows for the re- use of recycled milled material. Ongoing rehabilitative works include MR3 Matsapha-Manzini Highway

We have recently completed several road contracts inclusive of airports and Bridges;
• The Mkhondvo Bridge (120m) located along the MR9 (Mhlaleni- Nhlangano road) whose scope of works entailed ±50mm existing asphalt layer and resealing using continuously graded medium asphalt. The project was successfully completed in one day with zero accident/incident occurrence and a total are of ±1,050m2 and ±90 tones of asphalt was utilized.
• Kukhanya was nominated in the Steffanutti Stocks Inyatsi JV as a subcontractor for the KM111 International Airport Main/ vvip Taxiway and VVIP Parking. The works on this project have already commenced and these entail prime coating and asphalt base & surfacing of the Taxiway and VVIP Parking


Kukhanya has a well established Asphalt division for national projects that produces hot mix asphalt and equipped surfacing unit. The asphalt division has one Static Comar Plant and a mobile Ciber plant with combined capacity of 150 tones per hour. Within there unit there is a fully established Laboratory department that ensures that our asphalt products meet quality and specifications required by our clients and respective engineers. Our asphalt services also include, speed hump installation, road failure fixing, road milling and asphalt lying. We have also acquired Asphalt paving plant in the form of Pavers, Rollers, Bitumen Distributor and Mechanical Broom.

Recent major works include;
• Upgrading of D50 St Philips Link Road- Pase1
• The Biotechnology Park Infrastructure Development whose scope of works entailed priming and asphalt surfacing of 30mm thick layer using 50/70 penetration Grade Bitumen. The whole project covers about 130,00 and the roads are 16 wide consisting of 5m lanes and 3m shoulder per direction.
• Rehabilitation of the Matsapha-Manzini Highway (MR3) with asphalt works entailing; road milling, recycling and placing of BTB.
• King Mswati111 International Airport Link roads and VVIP- Asphalt paving and Upgrading of roads to bitumen standard.


Kukhanya also specializes in Earthworks and offers various works including cut to fill operations, road bed preparations, excavation, ripping, site clearance, Material movement, compaction and drainage system preparations

• Completed in 2014 was the Rehabilitation of MR19 Bhunya-Sandlane Road, the scope of works for the project included Rehabilitation of an old and existing 6m wide road to acceptable standards of bitumen surfacing with 10.3m width. It also included mass earthworks, pavement layers of selected subgrade, stabilisation sub base and crusher run base. Drainage works included laying of pipe culverts, laying of sub soil pipes and concrete V-drains


Kukhanya has also diversified into land preparation and irrigation services. This is in line with the focus of further developing the Agriculture sector and pursuing Vision 2022.

Our meticulous work is demonstrated by the works we have completed in the earthworks division such as;
• Completion of the KaLomdashi 657.1 ha, bush clearing and land preparation for the Ubombo Swaziland Sugar Facility (ILLOVO) Which involved; land clearing, ripping, root picking, discing, construction of roads and loading zones).
• The Swaziland Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (SWADE); Earthworks for Lusip Phase 1 Leaking Dams.
• Ligidzamuva (1309 ha) and Umchwele (69ha) land preparation combined projects consisting of bush clearing and ripping for the Ubombo Swaziland Sugar Facility ( ILlOVO).


The company has ventured into water resource management by providing engineering support to smallholder irrigators.

We specialize in various water and irrigation services;
• Irrigation systems (pump stations, delivery pipelines, balancing dams and canals)
• Sustainable portable water systems (water treatment plant, reservoirs, stand pipes and delivery pipelines
• Sewer systems

• Bush clearing and land preparation for irrigation areas.

We have successfully completed projects in this division which were delivered timeously and within the stipulated budget. Among the completed projects are the two Swaziland Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise (SWADE) contracts; the Logoba and KaShongwe Tertiary Distribution System project completed within (9) months whose works entailed a pump station (4x132 kw pumps) and 22 500 m2 balancing of the dam with a 630 mm diameter pipeline. We also completed the rehabilitation of the 23 Lusip earth dams within a period of five (5) months whose scope of works involved earthworks and lining of the dams.


Our Buildings division specializes in buildings construction and maintenance works such as renovations, rehabilitations, plumbing and alterations. Although established in 2013, this division has performed beyond expectations by securing significant commercial contracts with both Public and Private sector clients as well as being involved in Public Private Partnerships.

This division’s competence has been highlighted by its ability to complete undertaken projects successfully and within the stipulated time. We have successfully completed the construction of the Inflight Catering and Warehouse and Maintenance Facility, consisting of face brick work and sky light at the King Mswati 111 international Airport for the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.

Our good quality work is also evident in the completed construction of the five story concrete frame structure of the Innovation Park at Phocweni for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The building division is fully committed to complete the existing projects and also acquire new projects. The projects currently running are the; • Kukhanya, Inyatsi & Stefanutti Stocks (KISS) joint Venture for the construction of the International Convention Centre (ICC), Ezulwini for the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development whose works comprise of a three levels building with a basement, ground floor and offices measuring approximately 41 000 M2. The building is vertically connected with lifts, escalators and stairs and is made from a concrete frame structure and slabs. The internal works entail; walls which are load bearing clad with aluminium sheet; the roof is aluminium sheets on steel frame; aluminium frame windows and block work plastered walls. The external works include all associated services, landscaping and fencing.
• Construction of the Classroom complex at the Good Shepherd Nursing Institute with the focus of works being single story gable roofed classrooms and laboratories, paving and road works for the Ministry of Health, HIV/AIDS and TB PROJECT
• Construction of the Civil Servants Institutional Housing Project Package ‘D’ with double story residential flats, blockwork, plaster, paint, access road and parking bays for the Swaziland National Housing Board
• Construction of the Maternity wing and waiting home infrastructure at Matsanjeni Health Centre and Nhlangano Health Centre for the Ministry of Health, HIV/AIDS and TB Projects.


Our precast division situated at Ntabamhloshana, along the Hhelehhele-Big Bend route trading bas Kuyashisa Investments. Kuyashisa manufactures precast concrete products which are ideally made to suit any projects requirements. The precast yard produces 4,6 and 9 inch blocks, kerbs, pavers, retainers, palisade fencing etc.

Kuyashisa produces over 1500 blocks daily that undergo curing for a week to ensure quality and strength. Large scale and commercial orders are also produced according to the client’s design specifications, mix designs are also tested and determined by our Quality Control Unit. The business also caters to the local community of Ngculwini and surrounding areas.

Among our successfully completed precast projects was the 21 km concrete palisade fencing at the King Mswati 111 International Airport, Sikhuphe Malindza. In 2012 we also completed the concrete palisade fencing project at Nokwane Biotechnology Park for the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology.


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